Home For Butterflies
A Home For Butterflies
Creating a piece of countryside on our very own doorstep: a garden nature reserve in fact.

My name is Phil Bowler , creator and maintainer of a one acre garden devoted to the upkeep of butterflies in rural Lincolnshire. For 12 years from 1985 to 1997 we had a highly successful award-winning butterfly/wildlife garden in Derbyshire. It boasted 19 species breeding on site, including the rare White-letter Hairstreak , plus a few occasional species and a variety of day-flying moths.

Since July 1997 we have lived in the Lincolnshire Fens - the habitat could not be more different: flat, with mile after mile of arable farmland, and very lacking in trees and hedgerows. It was initially very uninspiring, but we had researched the area a few years prior to moving over and were aware that the large network of dykes were quite rich in butterflies, courtesy of their wild, flowery banks that were largely left alone. The local branch of the Butterfly Conservation society was very surprised when we submitted our records - they had more or less written this area off as inhospitable to most wildlife, especially butterflies. So, when we moved over, we set ourselves an even bigger challenge than before.

About us

We are Phil and Ros Bowler. Our garden is a private owned garden that we occasionally open up to the public on specific dates by appointment only. However, we are very accommodating for individuals or small groups who wish to see it for themselves. Just give us a ring or email us to make a date.

We are situated in the middle of nowhere at a place called Amber Hill between Sleaford and Boston in Lincolnshire. Call us on 07595 043438 or email phil.bowler@homeforbutterflies.com

This website is primarily designed to spread the word about butterfly gardening and the joy and personal therapy you can get from sharing your garden with these wonderful creatures. We have done it twice now and on each occasion the garden has turned into a haven for wildlife in general not just butterflies: A GARDEN NATURE RESERVE in fact. I simply want to share this passion with you.

I am also a personal astrologer. Check out my astrology website if you are interested: www.selfhelpastrology.com